sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2016

Kesän selviytymispakkaus

What's The thing that makes your summer? What do you need to make it a bit better that the previous one? Have you got any must-things-to-do that you simply cannot pass? Any old habits that you tend to do year after year or some wicked or naughty ideas you would like to do?

You can call it survival kit, to-do-list or whatever you want to, you name it. And liked it or not, but now I'm about to share some of my summer thoughts to you fellas. I'll shortly (by few photos) let you know what I'm usually doing when I'm not at work.

Because of the bare fact that I need to work I don't have so much time to do anything during the days. But weekends on the other hand are blessings, pure blisses to my life (and for all the others who are working on weekdays). Sure you can get a lot of things done after coming home from work, but then you might feel yourself a bit tired at the end of the day or the day after. But it's all about your attitude and how do you use your daily minutes and hours. Remember that time is valuable and precious, do not throw it away.  

For those of you who already know me, you know that I'm at my best when I'm eating. And oh yes I love eating! And if I ever start to seem a bit anxious or grumpy just give me something to eat, please. It will make me feel a lot better. And I bet that you don't want to see me while I'm having my-snickers-moment-of-the-day. Neither do I if I was you.

And what comes to delicacies, the photo above will show you my weakness. If I could I would live the rest of my life eating nothing else but yummy ice-creams. 

Though it's summer it's not an excuse to be lazy, eat and do nothing. Think about all the stuff you put in to your mouth and how much you do sports or get your ass up from the couch anyway? You can be a loafer every once in a while but not all the time. Go out for a walk. Meet up with your friends and hang around with them. If you live by the sea (or some river or lake) run to the water. Feel those refreshing waterdrops against your skin.

Summer is nothing without rain and here in Finland we tend to have it quite often. And these days when it rains it usually rains a lot. That's why you must have rubber boots in your closet. The more colorful or patterned they are the better! These so to call "wellies" are also pretty useful when you go to festivals where suprisingly and by chance rains too. I've been in Provinssirock twice and on both times it has been raining. Although, in this year it rained a lot more than last time. And I bet you don't want to ruin your Chucks or any other beloved shoes you have, so go and get yourself a wellies! 

Enjoy all the little things in life. If it's necessary, take some time for yourself. Take a journey to the inner you and find the real you. It might take time so don't hustle. Found the beat thats moves you, the one that gives you strength and will to go further.  

Wave your hands in the air
like you don't care.
Glide by the people as they
start to look and stare.
- Song by Korn

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