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Hyvänmielen lista

Voimaantumislista, parhaimmat, nupit kaakkoon, klassikot, best from the best and so on. We all do it and we've a lot of them. We tend to list the songs we like. Some people do it by genres and some by moods. So, no matter how you're feeling every now and then, you always have that one list of songs that you wanna hear. You press play and after a minute you'll feel much better. Sounds familiar, right?

I cannot categorize my own music taste 'cause it changes repeatedly. Yet, I mainly grew up listening to the same music genres than my brothers. Though, me and my sister had ofcourse our own tastes and favourites but the biggest influence came from the next door. Behind the walls from bros speakers and guitar riffs.  

So close, no matter how far.
Couldn't be much more from the heart.
- Nothing Else Matters

Metallica is the one. Not the one and only, but still. It's the band that was always playing in our house. At least most of the time if I remember correct. It's one of the bands whose songs I've heard probably the most in my life. So far I mean. 

I'm your dream, make you real.
I'm your eyes when you must steal.
I'm your pain when you can't feel.
- Sad But True

I bet many of us have a punch of songs that have some kind of meanings to us. Those that might bring us joy or grief. They might make us either happy or sad. And it's also possible that when we're cheerful and we hear that one specific song which remains us of something not so good (bad times for example) our mood changes in a blink. At that time, moments of happiness turns in to bleak and gloominess. And there's nothing you can do about it.  

And every second I waste
is more than I can take.
- Numb

Songs are meant to be shared. But on the other hand some of them may mean so much more to you than to the people around you. That's why you might occasionally enjoy some songs by yourself. Alone in your own peace so that you can sense every beat and focus on to the lyrics. 

Things aren't the way they were before
you wouldn't even recognize me anymore.
- In the End

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