perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2016

Do not hustle through summer

You know the feeling when your mind is fuzzy, nothing feels right and you don't know what to do? I bet you all know what I'm talking about. We all have those moments every once in a while, and nowadays it's way too common to feel like that. And it's all because of one simple reason, the fact that people are overloading their priorities. They wanna do everything that they can at once, right away, right now. Soon, their lifes becomes one big overachievement. The risk of "burning out" is real and it gets more clearer if we're always working at the maximum pace.

It's all about finding the calm in the chaos.
- Donna Karan

In stead of rushing from one place to another, just stop. Don't hustle. Learn your priorities and how to say no. Things will get better once you let go of the stress you're having. Co-operate with your body and mind to deal with you problems. I know that it may sound like a complete nonsence but if you know what the real meaning is, you'll also know that that's how it should be taken cared of.

I wonder how much of what weighs me down
is not mine to carry.
- Unknown

Remember to be there for your friends and family if they're having a bad day. Be patient and listen what they've to say. You might think it's nothing but at the time it might mean everything for them.

She fakes a smile and says she's ocay but in the reality,
she barely made it through the day.
- Unkown

Do something out from your comfort zone. Go out there and do what ever makes you feel a bit better. Most precious advise is to avoid bad vibes, things that make you more confused or blue. It's allowed to be a bit selfish and stubborn. And if you're ever middle of some staff decisions don't hesitate to make up your mind. You'll do them for yourself, for your own good.

The people in your life should be a source
of reducing stress not causing more of it.
- Unkown

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