maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

Week 13

After my long lasting holiday, I've finally returned to school desk and started my last course here as an exchange student. The course is about Sustainable Natural Resource Management and it's actually pretty close to the degree that I'm studying at my home university. 

Nevertheless, the course contents is totally different from the one that I've had in my uni, that was also called Natural Resource Management. But there's still a lot of similarities between these two and I believe that through this new one I'll get plenty of new information about Natural Resources all around the world. 

During the course we will debate and discuss (among other things) about the interactive connections between Sustainability and Natural Resources. 

We had this dinner for international students in one day in our campus, and it was held in potluck style. So, that everyone that came there, came with some dish from their home country. Most of the dishes were from Asia, Germany and Spain because of that simple reason that most of the students come from those places. But all the food was amazing and really delicious! Thank you all for your efforts! 

Then we have finally find the best fika place in the city. It's the most cozy one, and as usual (but only here in Sweden) you'll get a free refill when you take a regular coffee. It's the perfect place to hang out with your friends 'cause there you can sit for hours and it feels like you're at your own place. 

Then my homies from Finland came to see me! Group of ladies who are one of my dearest friends <3 I had been waiting for them ever since I saw them during my holiday.  

We had a lot of fun and I shew them some culture things such as the castle, cathedral and few museums. 

At some point we started to feel hungry and ended up in Chinese restaurant for lunch. That food was so yummy! Chicken in peanut-butter-sauce, sushi and vanilla ice-cream with fruits for dessert.


Feelings change, memories don't.
- Joel Alexander 

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