torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

Week 14: The end is near but so is Christmas

I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing for a longlong time. I've just had so much unfinished things to do and there's still huge pile of school works waiting on my desk. 

At the beginning of this second part of autumn semester I really felt that I'm gonna have plenty of free time, but the reality has been far away from that. I had two re-exams from my previous courses that I didn't pass. And along those I really needed to focus on my current course where we have had different teacher for each week. So, you can only imagine how confusing it has been and how blurry my head is feeling right now.

Then I'm just wanna tell something really shortly about this another re-exam of mine. So, I put all my efforts and tried to do my best in the written exam, that I actually did twice but failed them both. Deep inside of me I believed that I knew a lot of that course and its topics, but still I just couldn't do it. If there's someone or something to blame, the blame should put on me (of course) but also to the language barrier.

I have to admit that finding the balance between three languages has sometimes felt really difficult and even insurmountable. But after all the hard work (and few tears) that I've done I must say that it has been worth it. Every single day.

And yeah, last month I even celebrated my very first Thanksgiving! It was a really nice: lots of food and international students. I'm grateful for the good company that we had in that day and all the new people I meet and new friends I get every single day!

Then few pictures from one weekend trip to Stockholm. Me and my friends went to check the Christmas markets because it's getting closer and closer every day! 
One market was in the Old city and another one in Konstfacks: University of Arts, Crafts and Design. 

The queue was so loooong...

...that we had to waite over hour to get in.

When we finally got in we're so amazed. Every stuff and thing were made by the students in that particular univeristy and they were so nice! But bit too expensive for me and my student budget.

Gamla stan

Always do your best. What you plant now, 
you will harvest later.
- Og Mandino

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