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Week 10 - Holiday in Finland

Earlier I ask you a little question about my intentions. Well, I think that there were a bunch of people who actually knew my up coming plans. And for those who hasn't notice it yet, yes I'm in Finland! I arrived a week ago and I still have a couple days left. 
So far I have had so amazing time in here but first some things before my sneak attack. As you remember my friend was visiting me in Uppsala..

My friend brought me some souvenirs from my parents from their holiday in Sicily. Just so that I won't have to wait so long to receive them. It was easy to give them to my friend who was coming to visit me long before when I'm gonna see them by myself (or at least that's was they thought). My dad send me a cap with three legged medusa that represents the flag of Sicily. And my mom send me some yam or yelly that I can eat with my morning porrige!  

A little Moomin snack with wholegrain oats and hallon

Our nutritious breakfest before heading to Stockholm for the whole day

So, I came Finland together with my friend who was also one the people who knew that I'm going to do a little trip to my home neighborhoods. I had bought the tickets around a month ago but I really wanted to surprise everyone so that's why I didn't tell anyone about this little trip of mine.

I even called my mom in one day and told her that I'm just escorting my friend to the harbor. But technically at that time me and my friend were drinking beer while waiting to enter (together) to the boat or I mean the cruiser. She hadn't have a clue that after few hours she will see me standing in their living room :D   

Waiting to enter the cruise

We stayed up all night partying and having fun 

I think that we looked pretty fresh in the morning with huge circles around our eyes..

And this is where we end up with.. having a nap while waiting the bus.

My sneak attack and surprise trip was a great success! Everyone was so happy to see me and so did I. I have been living in Sweden only two months but it felt like that I hadn't been away more that one day :D Everything is so similar in Sweden than here in Finland. Can't decide that is that a good or a bad thing.

I also went to Forssa to meet my best friends from my home university. But again I didin't told anyone about it ;D I took a bus and after a couple hours I was standing behind one of my friends door and started to knock it. It was so great to meet her 'cause I have been missing her so much, probably the most of all! And she was also so delighted to see me. 

They were having a Halloween party at the very same day but didin't have any costume with me except a t-shirt with a Batman logo, but luckily my friend was so kind and helped me to finish my outfit with a simple paper mask and a cloak made from her broken umbrella. After that we went to surprise the rest of our gang. We had such a great night and the day after those party.


Why can't we have this same tasting Skyrs in Uppsala?? Or am I just so blond that I haven't see this in the groceries :D

In my friends place heading to eat lunch with my homies after the party

I still have few days left here in these neighborhoods and then I'll return to my home in Uppsala. This has been great but I really miss my place other side of the sea, so I can't wait to go back there. I'll again miss my homies but time goes forward so fast (pros and cons) and I'll come back after two months for my winter holiday around Christmast.   

Happiness is not something ready made,
it comes from your own actions. 
- Dalai Lama

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