keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Solo in Copenhagen

A short stay at home after Prague and then I was off again. This time to Copenhagen. Sure, non-stop travelling (doing several trips without stopping) would have been easier and more economical choice, but I'd this one event where I  really wanted to attend. But I think you all know what happens when you go out and have a plast with your friends. That was a chance I knew and a choice I made. What's done is done. So, after staying up till the small hours, the actual packing for this trip happened at the last minute. But I managed to do it in a flash. 

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.
- Lovelle Drachman

I arrived to Copenhagen early in the morning. I'd plenty of time to waste 'cause I couldn't check in to the hostel until 2pm. So, without any rush I started to wander and the first place where I found myself was Nyhavn

I also found a place where E.T. had been. 

Nyhavn wasn't the only area where were views that could had been memorized and fitted in to postcards. You could found colorful and beatiful buildings etc. from all over the city. 

Everything you look at can become a fairy tale
and you can get a story from everything you touch.
- Hans Christian Andersen

Few of the places (like the canals with all the docks and boats) looked a lot like in Finland.

No matter where I go, I enjoy going to different kinds of churches and cathedrals. And just so that you know this applies only when I'm abroad. I don't know why or what's the thing that draws me in to them. I'm not even a religious person or anything. Maybe it's the architecture or the silence and peace you feel when you go inside of them. So once more, I'm not a believer and definitely not a belieber either. A part of me is just a bit spiritual that's all. 

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
- Nelson Mandela

Views from the Round Tower.

Christiania was undoubtedly the bizarrest place where I've visited so far. It's a freetown, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood (expression/fact it's from Google) that lives entirely it's own life. I knew that it can be a bit restless place so I didn't go there too late in the evening. And in Christiania it's also forbidden to take any photos, but I hardly minded the warning signs. Oops.  

Three yellow dots. The symbol of Christiania. The flag of Christiania. 

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.
- Hans Christian Andersen

So, I'd heard something about this famous Freetown before. But still I was completely unaware of the things that had happened there in this year. As a matter of fact just few weeks before my stay in Copenhagen there had been some shooting incident in Christiania. But you can look more information about it by yourself if you want to. I'm not gonna write it down here. Nothing happened to me and now I'm safe. Now, I'm back at home.

I am free and that is why I am lost.
- Franz Kafka

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