sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

Trip to Tallinn

So, my weekend in Tallinn with around 200 other students. At the moment I'm not feeling like a storyteller or anything that would even refer to that, so I'll just put a lot of pictures for you to watch. But photos tells you so much more than words, so everyone feel free to make up your own thoughts about our trip.  

First after spending a whole day in a boat (returning from Finland to Stockholm) it wasn't that tempting to go and repeat it, but even so the trip was excellent. We had a lot of fun and again a great chance to getting to know new people. 

Our friends were basic tourists, reading the map in the middle of the intersection. 

The best shop ever!!

When we got to Tallinn we had the whole day time to explore the city and do what ever we wanted to. Only thing we had to remember was to get back to the boat on time :D 

And the first thing we did when we stepped on the soil of Estonia was to find some nice place to buy coffee 'cause the night on the boat was pretty wild and we didn't have a chance to sleep as much as usually. But we're still feeling pretty great and refreshing, and ready to find out all the things that Tallinn had to offer to us.   

So as you can already see (and also probably assumed), we went to the Old Town and just walked around so that we could see as many of the beautiful sights and places. The old part of the city was awesome with all the colorful buildings and life marks from the past. More or less it was really small so it didn't take so much time to walk around it. And 'cause we had plenty of time we walked some of the streets more than once. 

The city was full of souvenir shops! No matter where you looked or where you went, there're at least one place always near. Just wondering that how can they all be successful and earn their living. 

We're so glad to see the flag of Sweden - After all we're almost Swedish ;D

Having a cheap Chinese lunch.

The more you like yourself, the less you are
like anyone else, which makes you unique.
- Walt Disney

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