sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

Week 7

Almost all the leaves are fallen from the trees and are formed a colorful layer on the ground. The layer of transformation, a change towards winter. 

Now when the weather it's still quite warm it's the best time to go and explore as many new places as possible. When winter comes and it really is coming, it's gonna be so cold that staying inside under a warm blanket drinking hot chocolate or tea (which one you prefer) sounds so much better than being outside and freezing like a snowman. 

One building in our campus area in Ultuna

Autumn trip to Eckerö

One of the most important things that you should do is to eat. You need to get so called "spare food" that will help you get through the cold winter. Otherwise you might hear your bones clattering. Here in Uppsala we've been enjoying veggie dinners and also celebrated international Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon Roll Day, Korvapuustipäivä)!

The best bakers ever!

It's raining outside and I just finished my cup of tea. Hopefully tonight I'll get some sleep 'cause last night I couldn't. But the reason for that was coffee that I drank just a moment before going to bed. 

Some people say that if they drink coffee late in the evening they can't get sleep. So is it the coffee or caffeine that keeps them awake? Or something else? 

For me this was the first time that I stay awake almost all night because of coffee. Actually, two big cups of dark-roasted coffee. Swedish coffee.    

I was lying in my bed and trying to get some sleep but for nothing. I was wide awake and rolled around till it was 4 in the morning. After a while I finally fell asleep. When I woke up I was quite happy and smiling even though I'd just slept only a few hours. But I don't mind. This day turned out to be a pretty nice one after all. Now it's again time for me to go to bed, hoping that this night will be better than the last one. 

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind on the present moment.
- Buddha 

Med vänliga hälsningar,

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