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Rakkaudesta ruokaan

Now that I've already mentioned diets we can switch the whole focus to food. And have a look some pictures from what I've actually eaten in my bygone trips.

Street food @ Portobello Road, London

After the fight it has been a bit difficult to return back to my "normal" eating habits and routines. Although I can finally eat what I want to, I still don't want to overeat. And for me, that's the problem. So, now I only need to find the right balance between training and nourishment. A good balance without any extra worries about weight loss (nor weight gain) or measured dinner portions.

Coffee break @ Évora

Paleo bread and dish from the local market place @ Copenhagen

Coffee, arepas and fruits @ Barcelona

For me food is more than nutritions. It's a pleasure, a source of energy, a passion and once in a while even a way to reward myself with something luxurious.

Ice-Cream @ Rome

On the other hand, eating is an activity of daily living. But there's still enormous amount of people around the globe who doesn't have enough food to feed themselves nor the members of their families. And us living up here in the North are so lucky to have plenty of food to consume.

Lunch @ Montserrat

But this isn't something what is constantly on our minds 'cause we have taken it for granted. When we're feeling hungry we just walk in to our kitchens and stuff our greedy little mouths with whatever we may find. And afterwards we're having bad consciense 'cause we ate way too much. But if we don't eat we'll turn grumpy and then it's a serious business for everyone around us. Therefore it's more than important to have some little snacks in our pockets and handbags.

Fruity bar @ London

Another beer and food @ Prague

Pork Chop @ London

Tapas @ Barcelona

Raclette dish @ Prague

Something traditional @ Prague

So, to keep our blood sugar levels up, all we need to do is eat. It may sound simple, but have you tried it overseas? Do you how does it feel like when you're in a unkown town and you're starving? Do you know where to find the right kind of food to fit your diet? And what would you do if you can't find any? How will you cope with yourself? What's your way to survive?

Baby Squids @ Barcelona

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.
- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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